Live Vape Free

Virginia is for vape-free teens!

Live Vape Free Virginia is a free service offering professional support and expert advice to parents and teens. 

Teens can text VapeFreeVa to 873-373 or click here to get started. It’s absolutely free!

Live Vape Free Va is for you!

For Teens

Live Vape Free Virginia educates young people about the harms of vaping and offers the support they need to quit.

For Parents

Live Vape Free Virginia empowers parents to have productive conversations with their teens about the risks of vaping.

For Parents

How to start the conversation.

It isn't easy to break the ice and start talking with your teens about vaping. We get it. That's why we've put together a page full of tools and tips for getting the conversation started.

How to motivate teens to quit vaping.

Help Them Understand Why.

Help your teen find his or her own personal reason for quitting so that it lasts.

Better Academics.

Giving up vaping can help a teen succeed by freeing their brains from addiction to nicotine.

Better Athletics.

Nicotine addiction will harm a teen’s physical performance. Healthy lungs make for winning athletes.

Stop wasting money.

Teens are often unaware of how expensive nicotine addiction is. Help them understand!

For Parents

Do you know if your teens vape?

If you don't think your kids have vaped, or know those who do,
you might be fooling yourself.

Find the right way to talk to your teen.

If you could use a little help finding the right words and opportunity to begin the vaping conversation, here's some advice from teens and other parents.

Can you talk vaping with your parents?

Are parents talking to teens about vaping?

Finding the right moment to talk.

Having a proud parent moment.

For Parents

Your FREE guide to getting the vape conversation started.

If you’re having trouble finding ways to break the ice on vaping,
this FREE guide is full of ideas and tips.

For Teens

What's in a vape pod?

Do you know what you're inhaling into your body when you vape?
You may be in for a surprise.

The little known dangers of vaping aerosol.

Vaping is not a harmless alternative to smoking. Get the facts here!

teens on phones

How you can quit vaping.

It isn’t easy to break a habit, especially once you’re addicted.
Let us take the first step with you and make a plan to quit.

For Teens

Young people live vape free.

Learn how other teens quit vaping. Here’s Monica’s experience.

Vaping in the news.

Vaping and COVID 19

If you happen to need another reason to quite vaping, read this.

Teens and Nicotine

If you thought nicotine addiction was heading in the right direction, you need to read this.

Why do Young People Vape?

Vaping is exploding in popularity among teens. But why?

Teens can text VapeFreeVa to 873-373 or click here to get started. It’s absolutely free!

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